Simple. Effective. Train at home the WPAS way!


- Pre School Class

- Boys Class

- Junior JFH & Hip Hop

- Junior Jazz & KLT

- Junior Lyrical & Contemporary

- Junior Tap

- Junior Musical Theatre

- Junior VTP (10s & 12s)

- Stretch & Conditioning

- Cecchetti Classical Grades


- Boys Class

- Stretch & Conditioning

- Inter Lyrical

- Inter Tap

- Inter/Teen KLT & Jazz

- Inter Musical Theatre

- Inter VTP (14s)

- Level 1,2,3 Contemporary

- Inter Musical Theatre

- Cecchetti Classical Grades


- Stretch & Conditioning

- Open Lyrical

- Senior Tap Grades

- Senior KLT 

- Senior Commercial Jazz & Hip Hop

- Senior Musical Theatre

- Senior VTP 

- Level 4 Contemporary

- Cecchetti Classical Grades


Each class is filmed and pre recorded each week and uploaded to our APP. Students can access this class as many times as they wish throughout the program, and enjoy a new class each week for 10 weeks. Teachers also add activities, tasks and challenges for each class which is to develop and open up each student's mind and further their theoretical knowledge and training!

WPAS APP Assembly

Each class on the APP will have a 45 minute Assembly on Week 3 / 6 / 9 of the program. This is a great initiative for teachers to check in with their students and parents can trust that the program training is being followed up by those who have created it!

(All ballet grades from Grade 1 also receive a complimentary Live Zoom Class in their Subscription)


1 Class Weekly Subscription   = $12

2 Class Weekly Subscription   = $22

3 Class Weekly Subscription   = $32

4 Class Weekly Subscription   = $42

*Unlimited Class Weekly Subscription  = $55

*Family Unlimited Class Weekly Subscription  = $90

*Unlimited Class Subscription offers all of the classes in that level as well as a:

Complimentary Stretch & Conditioning Program in the APP
Guest Class Program in the APP
VTP Training & Live Assembly each week


Pay it forward (Pif initiative)

Many of our parents have expressed that due to the large decrease in their fees for Term 2, they wish to support the studio & any families struggling financially with a 'Pay It Forward' scheme. Offered completely anonymously, if you would like to contribute to our 'PIF' scheme please let us know.

Alternatively, if your child normally does 1-4 classes and you are in a financial position to be able to purchase the 'Unlimited Subscription' this will be an amazing opportunity for your child to try new classes whilst helping secure WPAS's future.

what do i do now?

- Choose your Subscription Package 

- You can add extra Subscriptions such as the YOGA Program or a class subscription to go towards our PIF Initiative

- Once you select your Subscription, make sure you leave a note when you pay with WHICH Class you would like access to

- *Enter your payment details (Credit Card or Paypal) and pay (You will be charged one week - then an automatic payment for 9 more weeks)

- Our Administration will send you details on how to download and access your Program with your own unique code

*You can also pay upfront in full, or set up a weekly DD please contact us for these options