Solo Coaching - 30 Minutes Online

  • Please Note:  

    • All lessons to be paid in advance either weekly or in full for 10 weeks. Access will be granted based on payment received.
    • Your payment authorises only yourself and your student(s) to access and participate in the course. Sharing course content with others or publishing is strictly prohibited under copyright and child protection.
    • All content and materials are the property of WPAS and are for authorised personal use only. Unauthorised use and sharing are strictly prohibited.
    • All participants of WPAS online classes must notify the office of any medical or physical condition that could affect their participation.
    • By participating in the WPAS online classes you are doing so at your own risk.
    • You must have a suitable non slip floor space to use with no obstructions.
    • Avoid activities if they have, or suspect they have current health concerns, injuries, aches and pains.
    • Avoid physical contact with other participants and where appropriate, adhere to social distancing guidelines.