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$16.00 per class

  • Inter KLT 9 - 10yrs

  • Inter ADV KLT 11 -12yrs

  • Inter Hip Hop 10 - 12yrs

  • Inter Adv Lyrical 11 - 12yrs

  • Inter Lyrical/Contemp 9 - 10yrs

  • Inter ADV Contemp 11 - 12yrs

  • Junior/Inter Tap Rec 7 - 10yrs

  • Open Teen Tap

  • Inter Classical Ballet (By ability Grade 4, Grade 5)

  • Pre Pointe & Pointe (By ability)

  • Jnr/Inter Musical Theatre 7 - 11yrs

  • Inter /ADV Teen Musical Theatre 9 - 12yrs

  • Inter ADV / Teen Acting 11 - 13yrs 

  • Teen KLT 13 - 14yrs

  • Teen Hip Hop 13 - 14yrs

  • Teen Lyrical/Contemp 13 - 14yrs


Ballet - in this class, our dancers build on their ballet technique using creative role play, costumes, props and will thrive from positive reinforcement. There are opportunities for students in this class to participate in ballet exams which will encourage them to progress through the program / syllabus and work hard to move up into the next graded level. WPAS Students study the Cecchetti Method


Jazz or Kicks Leaps Turns - our Jazz students are building on the basics of jazz technique to popular and age appropriate music.  Some examples of the techniques our jazz students will learn include turns, kicks, leaps and body isolations, combinations, develop strength flexibility and coordination. 


Tapatak Oz - our progressive tap classes will have students learning the basics of tap technique , developing style, accent, as well as building on their sense of rhythm and their confidence, when it comes to performances. Our tappers love dancing to popular age-appropriate music and getting LOUD!


Contemporary Class - with the progressive and engaging Jason Winters Contemporary Syllabus taught in graded classes, students are getting an awesome developmental grounding technique that will add value to any style and genre of dance. Also includes a piece of choreography for each level that will really excel and develop performance styles. 


Lyrical - movement that flows and connects to music, usually with a story and theme, using a combination of ballet and contemporary techniques. Students develop style, grace and a sense and ‘feeling’ for their movement & connecting to the music. 


Hip Hop - funky moves with a focus on Hip Hop technique , flavour and style. Students are encouraged to develop their own individual movement. A fun, energetic class. 

Musical Theatre - Students are engaged in varied vocal warm-ups, drama activities/exercises and script work. Music and choreography
are explored so that students can perform songs from Classic as well as Contemporary musicals, working together as
an ensemble, duet/trio and soloist. A live accompanist is provided for each of our classes and students perform in a Musical each Semester

Acting - Improvisation, Scripts, Playwriting & a whole lot of dramatic fun! Studying techniques for film, television and theatre - students are engaged in drama and acting games and exercises and offered multiple opporutnities throughout the year to perform onstage and behind the screen

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