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Uniform is a part of your discipline and commitment to dance and the performing arts at WPAS. Once you have enrolled and settled into the appropriate class…. Your UNIFORM is next!
Uniform is a part of the discipline of the arts - it teaches uniformity, respect and team work. Students coming prepared from school and taking the time to get properly dressed with their hair in a bun, will not only “look” the part but FEEL the part! 
Teachers are encouraged to do a “uniform check” before class, this is to inspire our uniform culture and to motivate students & Parents alike to be ready and prepared for class! 
Regardless of HOW you are feeling today, your effort and preparation for class, will directly effect the way you learn and dance. This is one of the many ways for you to FEEL good about yourself during your classes at WPAS
DANCE LOCKER BOXES: for hair supplies, shoes & uniform :
keep a constant supply at the studio. 
Use one of our locker cubes to create your OWN DANCE BOX!
WPAS 2021 Uniforms 1.jpg
WPAS 2021 Uniforms 2.jpg
WPAS 2021 Uniforms 3.jpg
WPAS 2021 Uniforms 4.jpg
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