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Cherishing our history


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Woolgoolga Dance Studio (WDS) was owned and directed by Rebecca Ross for 16 years! We pay homage and tribute to the incredible work both she and all Instructors of WDS did for the community... And recognise the incredible talent  of the previous generations of WDS alumni that paved the way for the current and future students of WPAS.


Woolgoolga Dance Studio - an incredible community dance studio that has been established for the last 30 years. Originally created as a Parent's Co-Op to run a dance studio for the Woolgoolga Community, WDS then passed through the hands of the inspiring Rebecca Ross, now to new owner Jade Naidu we have so many exciting and inspiring stories to share with you all! One of our teachers who you might know - Miss Carol Young is still here teaching for us since we evolved into a Performing Arts Studio!


Many WDS students are now teachers at WPAS and we are proud to continue instilling the principles and values of what WDS beholds. We cherish our history at WPAS, and hold the legacy of WDS and it's students to the highest regard!

We are always welcoming dancers back to the studios to check out how the studio has grown and changed, our doors are always open!

how wds became wpas
Miss B & Miss Jade joined 

Woolgoolga Dance Studio and Naidu Performing Arts Company are now merging under the one umbrella to offer more opportunities in the Performing Arts on the Coffs Coast. 


Woolgoogla Dance Studio - has been providing quality training in the local community for close to 30 yrs, & specialises in tuition, training & competition choreography in all Dance genres from ages 1.5 – 85yrs under the direction of Rebecca Ross. 

NAIDU Performing Arts Company originally linked with Sydney has been offering Theatre training in Coramba for the past 6 months and is now integrating their Theatre Programs & Opportunities with Woolgoolga Dance Studio! 

Students from both studios now have the opportunity to further train with Jason Winters whose contemporary syllabus is integrated into the studio, with Cecchetti Ballet Australia, Christine Denny’s Tapatak Oz, and the London Trinity College (Acting) in both Coramba & Woolgoolga. Current Director of NAIDU performing Arts Jade Naidu is excited to work with Rebecca in integrating the Vocational Training Programs into Woolgoolga Dance Studio, including the Movement Performance Program, Classical Performance Program & Theatre Performance Program. 

“These programs will really allow WDS / NAIDU students further opportunities to enhance their skill set and professional experience in the industry” Jade says. 


All students in these programs have access to the Company’s features such as undertaking Cert IV & Diploma level qualifications, performing in paid opportunities in Coffs Harbour, Sydney & Melbourne, Applying for international dance internships and being managed for film, theatre and television.


WDS Owner / Director Rebecca is excited about opening up the studio to further expansion and development - “Having run the studio going on 16 years - I am always looking for new input and ways to develop and grow the studio forward. Jade brings in the perfect blend of skills to complement the existing structure. I look forward to working with her on the future of WDS & NAIDU”.

and then.. 2 became 1! woolgoolga Performing arts studio

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