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Movement & Wellness Mentoring Program

with Rebecca Ross

The perfect opportunity to make the most out of 'Lockdown' with an ONLINE Personalised Program!

Each session is tailored to individual needs & goals

Introducing ME

Hi: I'm Bec, Bec Ross, Becystar, Rebecca or Miss B - depends where you meet me and when!


Needless to say all these ‘names’ relate to different aspects of my life, my journey and my work. 

This is the place where all that comes together. 


This is the place where it’s all stripped back and the PURPOSE is simply to facilitate - whatever.

I’ve got some pretty handy tools stashed in my tool kit (more like Mary Popins’ never ending tote bag). These tools I have developed through my own journey of self love, dance, movement, yoga, meditation, intuition, healing and the authentic expression of MY VOICE… ie: my own gifts to the world. 


I am dedicated to doing whatever it takes to activate & ignite your AUTHENTIC spark (you know the one)!


DISCLAIMER: have been known to jump around like a silly bugger, giggle, sing at the top of my lungs and dance ridiculously in the kitchen - like I said… whatever it takes. Life IS a musical right..?!


Yes I believe, tuning into our OWN Creative expression & intuition can create clarity & confidence and SAVE the world. 

Yes… I believe we ALL have a UNIQUE VOICE … something that we do or say uniquely- our gift to the world. 


I feel that ultimately my ‘job’ is to unlock your creativity and unblock anything that kinks the FLOW (you know those sneaky little limiting beliefs, programs & thoughts we think about ourselves).


Sometimes we just need to move some energy and “shake it out” (yep just like Florence said) with a movement session, take a breath or 10 and practice some kind words to ourselves… You know strip it back and keep it simple!

Whatever it is … I am here for you. 

who is Movement and Wellness Mentoring For? 


  • Dancers and Movers - beginners to more experienced & advanced technicians - One on One coaching and choreography

  • Yogis wanting to explore and deepen their practice 

  • Anyone wanting to start or open up to a creative movement practise (think dance yoga breath yummy combo) 

  • Anyone wanting to work on their wellness, mindset, improve their quality of life 

  • Anyone with a curious mind, a seeker of life and improvement! 


If these words resonate with you …. trust your intuition & reach out to me. 

Let's open up a conversation!


Whatever you do - do it for YOU and remember as my friend “Peta Kelly” says.. 


“The biggest gift you can offer to the world is your vibration” - so clean that up GF! 



what's included in this program?

  • Goal setting and visualization: what do you want & WHY?

  • Home personalised YOGA Program: designed to facilitate goals PLUS online accountability and support

  • Google Docs check in and communication via email: Sessions run via FaceTime in your lounge room with follow up & tasks 

  • Dancers Choreography polishing and preparation

  • Dancers Technical advancement & Coaching 

  • Open movement: creative exercises to activate, & unlock creativity 

  • Wellness, Mindset & Meditation: all themed in and guided individually 

  • Energy Medicine Practises



the program layout

Each session is 60 mins, with follow up support via email and communication via google docs. 

Limited spaces due to availability and quality. 

You WILL be given homework & tasks  - so be prepared to invest time in yourself. 


how much is it? 

Book a One off session: $70 

Book Monthly Sessions for 3 months: $180

Book Weekly Sessions for 10 weeks (start term 2 ): $550


OR let's tailor a payment option that suits you - reach out to

OR my good friend Tracy @ WPAS 



what do i do now?

- CLICK BELOW and choose your Payment option (One Off Session, Monthly or Weekly) 

- You can add extra Subscriptions such as the Dance & Performing Arts Program or 6 week ONLINE Yoga Fundamentals Program in a separate transaction

-Enter your payment details (Credit Card or Paypal) and pay (You will be charged one week - then an automatic payment for the duration of your Program)

- Our Administration will send you details on how to download and access your Program with your own unique code

*You can also pay upfront in full, or set up a weekly DD please contact us for these options


Pure Positive … What?

Taken from the quote from Abraham - channeled by Ester Hicks: 


“You ARE pure Positive Energy & There is a constant never ending stream of Pure Positive energy flowing to you at all times”


I’ve kind of spent my life applying and working with this idea & mantra. 

It’s become a GO TO philosophy that underpins all that I do & HOW I do it. 


Pure Positive DANCE 

Pure Positive MOVEMENT 

Pure Positive WORDS 

Pure Positive THOUGHTS

Pure Positive ENERGY


You get the gist… 


But to me, they're not just words - this energy is REAL and a formidable force …. You feel it when you move your body and connect to that ‘higher ‘sense of self. You feel it when you have a moment of stillness and bask in the gratitude of ‘what is’. It's that REAL tangible life force energy that you FEEL buzzing all around you after Yoga or Meditation or laughing, or walking on the beach or hugging your kids. 


Dance yoga movement energy medicine breath art writing food laughter JOY are sure fire ways to connect and plug into that stream (that is you by the way) - of PURE POSITIVE ENERGY… it’s not outside of you… 

It’s not ABOVE You 









Can’t wait to work with you ……Rebecca 


#PS super passionate about wellness and studying to be an Integrative Health Practitioner! Yet another tool to pull out in the neverending Mary Popins Bag!  

#Also studying Energy Medicine with Donna Eden 

#Also studying YOGA HIIT FUSION with Sadie Nardini 






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