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Your Enrolment Pack Info! Dated 19th Jan

To our dear WPAS Families!


We are excited to send you our Enrolment Package for 2020 including Fee Structure and Timetable (a soft draft still) soloists to be inserted

We welcome you back for a terrific year, with so much in store for our students & families!

Alongside reading your Enrolment Pack, I would like to offer some extra information for those who might notice some slight changes, have questions or need more information as we transition from WDS to Woolgoolga Performing Arts Studio…

After reading the Enrolment Pack, please read this email which might help answer some questions you have! (If not, please reach out to me)

Term starts Monday Feb 3rd


Costume Hire - Concerts 2020

Due to the increasing price in purchasing New Costumes and our intent on stocking our Costume Department with new pieces, we are looking to fundraise / seek sponsorship to help subsidise the expense of Costumes for both families, and WPAS. With these forecasted plans, we are decreasing Costume Hire for 2020 to $30 per class.


Concert Performances 2020

All classes (except our Preschool / Pre Junior Classes) will now perform in 2 Concerts! How exciting they will have an opportunity to perform twice! More information to come. Seniors & Select Intermediate Classes will perform in a separate concert held at the Jetty Theatre.

You will find on your term 3 invoice a Concert Production cost of $40 per student* - this somewhat helps to offset the high expense of everything included in the preparation for our production: 

  • Hall hire and rental 

  • Costume organisation, labelling, bagging up for collection.

  • Public liability Insurance for public performance. 

  • APRA & PPCA music licensing fees for performances 

  • Teachers extra hours & energy spent

  • Admin staff extra work, commitment and energy towards organisation of concert tickets, costumes, stocking and shoe orders, makeup, phone calls, emails etc

**Ticket Prices for 2020 Concerts will be decreasing due to the increase in Production Fee


Please note we have NEW Bank Account Details!

Name: Woolgoolga Performing Arts Studio

BSB: 062667

Acc No: 10505423



During our transition year, ALL UNIFORM from previous years will still be accepted at WPAS including NAIDU Performing Arts Singlets, I Heart WDS T-Shirts, Pure Positive Dance etc. All VTP Students will be required to wear their PPD Uniform as stated in their Contracts.


WPAS Parents Website Page

We now have a Parents Website Page that you can refer to at any time of the day for the latest information or to stay on track. It features our live Google Calendar, the latest emails that have been sent, exam information, concert information and everything you need to know. This is our 'One Stop Shop' for you to access everything you need. Our key is to help you stay as well informed as possible as we understand not everyone uses social media - Click "Parents" at and use the code WPAS2020 to access the information!


New Musical Theatre Program
Our most sought out Program is finally here at the Studio! Read you Enrolment Pack for more info but we now offer Musical Theatre Classes from ages 6 right through to the keen adult

Contemporary Classes

Our amazing new teacher Miss Maddy will be taking over our Contemporary Classes with the guidance of Jason popping up a couple of times a term to see us! We will be allowing all students regardless of if they have sat their exams to move forward into the next level depending on age and ability. The 2019 Foundation Contemporary Class will now have an Intermediate level, so it will be called 'Inter Contemporary.' Some students who are older will move to Level 1 - This is to balance the ages and experience of each dancer and align their training with the other genres.


Ballet Classes

Our students are so lucky to continue training with their Ceccehetti Syllabus work, please note some alterations in levels have been made to suit the ability and individuality of each student. You will find their class levels in your DSP Class suggestions.

Miss Bec is available for private sessions for those who want to take it to the next stage with their coaching and mentorship. You will still see her floating about inspiring her students!

Looking forward to spending an incredible year with you all! We have so much instore, and if you think this year is big - wait untill you see what we have planned for 2021 :P

Yours in Performing,

Jade & the WPAS Team

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