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Private Tuition/Coaching Policies

We have a new Payment Policy in regards to our Private lessons at WPAS which is going to be incredibly easy and beneficial for our students & families! Due to an incredibly high demand for private tuition at WPAS and large waiting lists of students we are doing everything in our power to secure your weekly lessons with our new and improved policy in regards to solos & private tuition.


We now no longer charge and pay for private lessons week to week - our new payment structure is by the ‘term.’ We have an amazing payment system that allows you to pay this term fee over 3 payments / 3 months! If you are unable to pay this way, you can also pay the full term upfront.


Here are some changes we are also implementing:


- Any lessons missed by the teacher will be credited to the student’s account


- Lessons missed by the student must still be paid in full. No refunds will be given for failure to attend lesson/s. Our teachers' livelihoods rely on your full commitment to lessons so any missed lessons or ‘no shows’ must still be paid for.


- Where exceptional circumstances prevent the student attending, such as an illness a make-up lesson may be provided where possible. This is limited to 2 lessons per term. This means, because you pay for the full term of lessons, if you miss 1 or 2 lessons you receive 2 make up lessons complimentary, please get in touch with us to organise these make up lessons.


- If you wish to discontinue lessons 5 working days notice is required otherwise you will still be required to pay for your upcoming lessons.


- Please come to the office this coming week to enrol in your choice of payment plan (either our 3 month payment plan or upfront for the term)

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